Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspiranza Designs ~ What Can One Party Do

Want to hear about a WIN WIN... WIN WIN situation?

1. Sign up to be an Inspiranza Design Independant Consultant to sell BEAUTIFUL sterling silver jewelry and make money immediately for your adoption, medical bills, college tuitions, car payment, house payment etc. WIN!!!

2. For every charm you sell $2 goes to Steven Curtis Chapman's Show Hope to help bring an orphan home. WIN!!!

3. I give 50% of what I earn to Adami Tulu Preschool in Ethiopia through a GREAT organization called LIFESONG FOR ORPHANS! So join my team and the portion I receive from your sales will increase the amount I send!!! WIN!!! (Go to www.myinspiranza.com/jennybland)

4. Most importantly be proud of this faith based company that does so much for so many! WIN!!!

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