Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cheering for my Sydney!

We got to visit Sydney this weekend and see her very 1st college football game. I'm so proud of EVERYTHING this girl stands for. Her love for God and others just shines through. I can only hope to be as good as a person as her. I love you Sissy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspiranza Designs ~ What Can One Party Do

Want to hear about a WIN WIN... WIN WIN situation?

1. Sign up to be an Inspiranza Design Independant Consultant to sell BEAUTIFUL sterling silver jewelry and make money immediately for your adoption, medical bills, college tuitions, car payment, house payment etc. WIN!!!

2. For every charm you sell $2 goes to Steven Curtis Chapman's Show Hope to help bring an orphan home. WIN!!!

3. I give 50% of what I earn to Adami Tulu Preschool in Ethiopia through a GREAT organization called LIFESONG FOR ORPHANS! So join my team and the portion I receive from your sales will increase the amount I send!!! WIN!!! (Go to www.myinspiranza.com/jennybland)

4. Most importantly be proud of this faith based company that does so much for so many! WIN!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

No More Excuses!

I'm so tired of myself! It's always...."When my house sells ....I can give more!" "When I have more time....I can serve more!" I'M DONE! I have spent many hours sitting around on the computer, watching TV....etc. I'm pretty sure that God is calling me to do WAY more than that!
Not that there is anything wrong with a little of both. Especially because that is how God spoke to me about what I'm about to do. Isn't it amazing how He knows how to get to each of us?..heehee. Here's the raw truth on how my new adventure has come about. I sell Scentsy and my dear friend Jodi was the first in the area to start selling. She put her heart and soul into her business with the firm belief that if she was supposed to succeed with her business that God would bless her. AND HE DID! Her business WAY exceeded any expectations she ever had. She does wonderful things with her blessings! (Thank you for helping us bring Mario home!) I of course didn't pray much about it...just dabbled around with it and am still having fun. But since I didn't do as she did....I was jealous! "Why can't I do that!" Poor me! I have to be totally honest...until yesterday I was still feeling that way! Money was my driving force! UGH...that makes me sad! I was looking at my computer trying to find other new businesses that I could be one of the early sellers so I could really make a success of it! Well.....I found it! But "success" has taken on a completely new meaning in the last 24 hours. I know I'm rambling....but hang in there....this is good! Yesterday....In the middle of having a huge garage sale to get rid of all the STUFF that is cluttering my life....I got on my sister's blog and read a message that my 15 year old niece had written....BAM....talk about knocking some sense into me! Please take 5 minutes to read her post here...
BUILDING THE BLOCKS...: Kids helping kids in Ethiopia#links#links . Seriously....can you read that and not be changed? Can I just remind you again that she's 15 years old!!!!! Thank you Amy for raising your children to change the world! Now back to my story(haha)....I found this awesome Faith-based company that was started by two Christian women like me that just wanted to serve Him more. They began a jewelry company that is affordable sterling silver jewelry that is gorgeous and allows His message to be spread in homes all across America in a whisper sprinkled on their website and in the catalogs. They also donate $2.00 of EVERY charm sold to Steven Curtis Chapman's organization...Show Hope... to help families bring home orphan's home!! Love him!!! The name of my new adventure is called Inspiranza Designs. My idea of success for me after reading my dear nieces post has changed! I'm starting this business now and 50% of my profits will go to Lifesong for Orphans. 3 ways you can help....1. Pray for a blessed business 2. Join my team. 3. Buy jewelry! This company only has 1000 consultants in the United States....(remember Jodi...she has 1000 under her in Illinois alone) Join now and you can grow a huge business. Join me and you can change a life of a child forever! By the Way....for those of you who aren't convinced that God sends clear messages....I googled my blog and what first came up under it and I don't remember where or when I quoted this bible verse was 1 John 3-17 If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Thanks for that reminder God! (Thank you Nessa for our new friendship!) I love you Brian for all your support and patience in my life!
Visit my website at www.myinspiranza.com/jennybland

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sydney's Graduation

Sydney you are one amazing girl! I love you with all my heart. Follow God's plan for you and keep shining your amazing light to the world! I adore the way you stick to your morals and never waiver from your faith! Go change the world!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break

This Spring Break was going to be a quiet.... stay at home...clean out the closets week. But to my surprise and with a help of a GREAT friend...it ended up being an amazing vacation! My principal Erin and I were feeling sorry for ourselves on Friday at school and by Saturday a.m. we were packed and driving to Texas. I spent the week making tons of new memories with friends and meeting the newest member of my family!

Our families other surprise was that while Raegan had been planning for this whole school year to go to Disney with the band and chorus...there was a sudden opening for one more and Sydney was able to go with 2 hours notice. She was thrilled and they both had the trip of a lifetime!
Meet Havyn! She has the cutest personality and a little face to match!!!!! She is definitely a gift from God!

We were blessed enough to spend Kaden's Gotcha Day with him! Happy 2 years with your wonderful family!

Porter being ornery with a little help from me.
Maddie became a true Texan!

The four musketeers..Mario, Madison, Noah and Porter!

My favorite meal and favorite memory...thanks Erin! Love ya!

Me and Erin!

Look at me I'm Sydney Dee!

Sydney and Raegan were in our school's production of Grease. Sydney was an amazing Sandy and Raegan was the cutest 50's girl ever! I'm so proud of both of them! So many fun memories...forever!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mario!

Today is my little man's birthday! Mario, I adore you and thank God every day for letting me be your Mommy! I have told you many times you are my superhero from all you have gone through in your life and I am so proud of the amazing young man you are becoming! I know you are working hard at making the best choices. I am proud of you and I will love you FOREVER!

In case you are wondering....this is my first attempt at a Tres Leche cake! It may not look the best but it was yummy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Gift for Missed Friends

In Honor of our beloved Jack and Duncan...Madison put together "Welcome Gift" for children who go to the Neville House. The Neville House is a shelter for families escaping domestic violence. Madison combined stuffed animals, toiletries and books filled with stories of hope, love and comfort. This had to be the best Christmas experience we have done together. To see my daughter giving from her heart instead of asking for more "stuff" was the greatest gift.

1 John 3-17
If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Help Bring a Child Home!

In Honor of National Adoption Month....I am hosting a fundraiser for my sister's cause which is Pass It Forward Adoption Fund. If you want to learn more just click over on the right where it say's "Amy's Blog". Or if you just need some inspiration and God is telling you to do something to get back to the real meaning of Christmas...just watch the video below!

Right now many of us are on the hunt for the perfect gift to give. I've got it right here for you- a gift with a purpose.

These Scentsy candles are seriously awesome. Not only are they pretty, but they are safe (no flame needed) and smell great. But the best part is right now 25% of all sales go towards the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund.

I need your help!!

Please, please (I'm begging you, please) consider purchasing one of these candles if you are looking to buy a gift. A child is waiting and to them this is a gift that will make all the difference in their world.

1.Go to www.scentsy.com/jennybland.
2. Click on "Pay it forward Adoption party" under my picture.
3. Go shopping!
(Please don't order any Christmas warmers...a lot are on back order and probably won't be in by Christmas).
If orders are in by Dec. 5th they will be delivered before Dec. 25th.

I pray that God blesses you this Christmas!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November is National Adoption Month

Now just don't sit there...do something! Pray and listen.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Sydney

Sydney...you are truly a gift from God...and YES...the younger child of you should TOTALLY be proud of all you accomplishments! I know that God has a million plans for you to continue blessing people in your future! I adore you my peanut!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Fall is my most very favorite time of year! I love going to football games and watching my children cheer, play in the band and play ball! This year was even more special with Sydney making Homecoming Queen. She is truly one of the nicest kids you'll EVER meet. I love all my babies and am so proud of each of their unique gifts God has given them!

Sydney and her BFF Brittney!

Syd number 24 for the Powder Puff game!
Raegan's game face! GRRRRR

Mario riding in the parade for his team.
Raegan(middle of the group).

Mario's team got to walk to the game with the big boys!
Raegan's game time performance.

Sydney and Eric

Raegan and Trevor

Thank you to Cole and Wendy for hosting a elegant dinner for Raegan's friends! You're the best!